coroner's report

from by Morbid Footnote



November 1st

Charles II of Spain
Is found dead

His heart the size of a grain of pepper
Not a single drop of blood in his body
His lungs were corroded
His intestines were putrid

He had a single testicle
Which was black as carbon

And his head was
Full of water

And his head was
Full of water
Having no son or daughter
The line ends with him, Charles II


from The Ugliest King, released November 1, 2012



all rights reserved


Morbid Footnote

Historically-Themed Trans-Atlantic Death Metal Fiasco!

Maarten Houwink ten Cate - guitars, bass, drums, riff smithing
Yuk - vocals
J - additional vocals
Sky - research
Durv - mixing

Featuring members in Amsterdam and Baltimore, MD, USA.
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